Iceland 3rd part Reykjanes peninsula

IcelandI spent 10 days in Iceland in the 2018 for the new year's eve. I did a volunteer work camp and it was a good experience, but not the best work camp I have been to. Work camps are a nice opportunity to help the local community (this factor was missing there) and at the same time visit a country, know a new culture and meet nice people, I suggest you to do it.  Reykjanes peninsulaThis was the second of three excursions we did during the work camp, and the one I liked the most: there was good weather and we visited amazing, not touristic, places. The Reykjanes peninsula is a region in the southwest of Iceland, it is where Keflavik, and the international airport are. The peninsula is marked by active volcanism under surface, and large lava fields, there are numerous hot springs and sulphur springs, and the famous Blue lagoon, where I didn't had the opportunity to go. Kleifarvatn lake At the shoreThe first stop of our tour was at this lake, that is the third for extension in Ice…

Iceland 2nd part Golden Circle

IcelandAs I said in the previous post, I went to Iceland for 10 days volunteer work camp during the new year's eve in the 2018.  Iceland is volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, waterfalls, wild nature; and this is what you are looking for when you go there. During that 10 days we did 3 excursions from Reykjavik, and here I talk about the first one. Golden circleThe Golden circle is the most touristic route in the southern Iceland. It covers about 300 km looping from the southern highlands and back. The name is a marketing term, derived from the Gullfoss waterfall, that means "golden waterfall". Comparing to the other two, this was the excursion I enjoyed less, mainly because of the tourists, who made the places crowded. But this didn't impacted how amazing are these places. Kerið The lakeFirst stop of the circle was at the Kerið lake, it is located in the Grímsnes area in the south Iceland. It is one of the several crater lakes in the area, known as Iceland's western volcani…

Island 1st part Reykjavik

IcelandI went to Iceland for the new year's eve in the 2018; officially it was a 10 days volunteer work camp, but it was more tourism than volunteering. I enjoyed the people I knew, we were a nice group, but I was expecting to be useful for the community, not a tourist.  We had our accommodation in Reykjavik and from there we visited the island doing excursions.  Excluding the bad volunteering experience, Iceland is an amazing place, with a lot of wild nature to see. ReykjavikIt is Iceland's capital, and the biggest city, but anyway a small town comparing to European's capitals, 130000 inhabitants, my hometown Vicenza has 115000. It is a typical city of the north of Europe, it has everything you need from a modern city, and I felt safe and welcome while I was there. If you go visit Iceland, for sure, you don't do it for Reykjavik, but for the nature that the country can offer. HallgrimskirkjaIt is a Lutheran church, situated in the city centre and it is the landmark of Rey…